Bears and tourists – not everybody can be a guide on a bear observation

In a past few weeks we have been heard many times how the people are left alone at the observatory withut a guide while waiting for bears.

Firstly, we would like to emphasize that people who are doing this job must bee hunters, that’s what Slovenia law says. Secondly, the guides in bear observation should never leave you alone at the observatory, because it’s our job to be with you all the time of your visit, because after all, bear is beast and you must have a lot of experiences how to act in some specific moments. They must have a lot of knowledge, not only about the bears, but also about all other characteristcs of this unique environment. You must feel safe all the time during observation and you must get as many informations about the forest as the guide can give you. That’s how our vision looks like. Always have a big respect of our animals and forest.

So, if you would like that kind of experience, join our team on one of our forest trips 🙂

Bear observing in Slovenia